Do You need Motivation?

A good friend of mine wrote this some years ago and when I read it again, I wondered if anything has really changed….maybe you could tell me?

Diane June 14th,2013



Why are you reading this message? Are you a SEEKER?
Are you still one of the many thousands who are still searching everywhere even for just a tiny sip of success?

Are you tired of being asked YET AGAIN to open your wallet for the next best thing that’s going to give you that taste of success, yet the fear of never getting a taste drives you to take YET ANOTHER chance with your dwindling funds?
Is your hard drive FULL of such wonderful products that looked so good, but were either so complex that you couldn’t understand them, or were such rehashed drivel to render them worthless?

And how many “HOT” companies promising huge spill over and customers knocking down your doors have you joined? Four, five…maybe six? Did those promises ever MATERIALIZE?

My friends…….

Isn’t it time to wake up?

I woke up some time ago.

My computer crashed, and for a time I wasn’t sure if I would be able to recover all the “stuff” I had sitting there gathering dust. THOUSANDS of dollars of products, and membership information on several systems sat in the balance of loss or the skill of my computer repair technician.

I also had a profound change in my life with the passing of my father, which also took me away from all the hubbub of my day job and my night job (marketing).

The pause in my hectic routine of work, family, advertising, promotions, forum posts, scanning emails for any payments or signups, gave me time to sit back and think. I was able to re-evaluate my situation, and in a flash I had the clarity to actually SEE MYSELF and what I was doing.

I realized the main reason those things were sitting there on my hard drive was because I didn’t know how to deal with them. The systems, websites, the lists, and auto responders, the graphics, and the copy, the memberships, and I barely had a clue!

I finally realized that if I was EVER going to make it online, I simply had to EDUCATE myself.

Now I’ve been blessed to have a great job, and doubly blessed to have an understanding family, and triply blessed to have resources at my disposal that I could still AFFORD to take a step back and begin that learning process, and quadruply (?) blessed in having great friends and mentors that have stood by me and assisted me, and SO MANY more blessings I could list to take up this entire article..
But the short of it was that it didn’t take very long before I started to see where I was going wrong, and it was shortly after those realizations that people started being attracted to me, I started making more sales and getting more signups, and my contacts with others started to elevate to others who were also successful in their efforts, and I began to see what was behind the “veil”.

This is where you’ve GOT to be in order to succeed my friends! If you don’t pick up those training systems, those ebooks, those recorded training sessions, and REALLY learn from them, you will always be where you are. You will NEVER get ahead in this business, because the only ones who succeed here are those who knuckle down and learn this thing inside and out.

Beyond that, with so many products and services, it’s a simple fact that people who are truly successful have been able to re-evaluate themselves to see where their core strengths and interests lie, and to focus themselves to become EXPERTS in those areas. Focus on sharing the expert knowledge within, and people will gravitate to you. No one of us can possibly become an expert in everything, so at some point you HAVE TO sit down and be honest with yourself, understand what your strengths are and where your interests lie, and sharpen your focus to those areas and learn everything you can!
Learn daily, and over time you will gain more understanding and then you’ll be able to share that with others, and that will begin the natural process of attraction.
People will become attracted to you for the knowledge they seek, and they will begin to look towards you as the expert and when you bring forth the products or answers they seek, they will happily compensate you for sharing with them.

With that of course comes a great RESPONSIBILITY. Now that you have started to attract those wanting to learn from you, and you’ve started to establish your expertise and your following builds, one misstep can shatter your growing success. Disregard for your responsibility to others will surely be your demise in this business, because nothing travels faster than BAD NEWS, and you DON’T want to be that bad news!

But that I will have to save for another article. I’ve got some work to do 😉

Best regards,

©MistrTim Oct.24, 2007



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