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Hashtag Tools That Will Greatly Improve Your Social Media Exposure

3 Hashtag tools that will help you use hashtags  in a better way! After reading the comment by Jim Allen on the post  How to find customers using Social media where I asked the question  Did you know that by socializing you can find your customers using social media?  in part he said – I like finding … Continue reading

How can you repurpose content to be unique again?

When you repurpose content you can indeed become unique again to your readers… How often have you heard the rhetoric by many people saying that you need to create original content and how many times have you groaned and asked yourself – how many ways can we say the same thing? After some serious consideration … Continue reading

Do you use your manners on Social Networks?

Using social media requires that you learn social media etiquette or manners..saying hello will go a long way to you succeeding in everything you do ….Social media etiquette is not hard to learn and is as important, if not more important than anything else you will ever do online, make a point of learning the … Continue reading