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Guaranteed Signups – The facts and reality!

I want to talk about “guaranteed signups, while this seemed a dead product it now seems to be coming back. via Dave Cotrell on the Bogdan Fiedur business blog Continue reading


Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing, a better name for social marketing or network marketing?     Relationship marketing (aka network marketing) is a wonderful, fun and profitable way to earn virtually any income you want… but… It will only work when you realize it IS work… (but work that’s so much fun!)and… that marketing is about developing relationships. … Continue reading

Learning Internet Marketing

Learning Internet Marketing from a Pro!   Sometimes learning new skills can come in many forms.  Bogdan Fiedur is sharing his lessons on Internet marketing using slideshare and thought it would be cool to put his first lesson here 🙂 Bogdan fiedur Blueprint for Success Lesson 1 from Bogdan Fiedur

How to Make Work at home – Workable!

Many people talk about the “work at home” job being so easy, but whether you are telecommuting or working as an affiliate marketer I have found that it takes focus, creativity and organizing to make it workable For example – I think the best advise I can give anyone has to do with wording and I … Continue reading

Do You use Traffic exchanges?

How many of you who are affiliate marketing use traffic exchanges? I feel like anything you will ever do as an affiliate marketer, you need to understand a tool before using it…such is the feeling about traffic exchanges.  Before condemning it, learn how to use properly! Traffic exchanges and Affiliate marketing   Remember… Just like … Continue reading