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Guaranteed Signups – The facts and reality!

Are you ready to hear the reality about guaranteed signups?

Guaranteed sign ups don't work

Over the years, people have asked me about guaranteed signups. Here are some of the questions and my short answers, followed by perhaps some eye-opening information.

  1. Does anyone have any experience with buying guaranteed signups?

    1. Yes, I certainly do!  When I first started online in an MLM business, this is how I was told to market it.  In fact, they even very graciously told me who I was required to buy them from.

  2. How was it?

    1. Every one I tried was totally useless.  At first, I thought maybe I just didn’t buy enough.  I thought my budget was too frugal, and of course, my upline agreed.  Often they were in the same boat as I was, fully believing that buying large blocks of guaranteed signups was the way to go in this “amazing” online goldmine.  It’s not hard to understand why so many uplines disappear.  When they realize they’ve been scammed, they quit.

  3. Did they do as promised?

    1. Yes, they did.  Although I didn’t realize it at the time, what they promised was a bunch of free signups.  Nowhere did they actually promise that anyone would upgrade or become a paying customer.  I got exactly what I bought: free signups.

  4. Was it just for free programs?

    1. Yes.  Again, the programs, themselves, generated no income from free signups.  The way they got around this was by having a separate, arm’s length website dedicated only to creating hype.  Those who upgraded were added to the database and back office of the paid site.

  5. Would you recommend them?

    1. Absolutely not.  All they ever did was cost me money.  No one ever upgraded from a being a free guarat

  6. What kind of feedback can you give me on any of the guaranteed signup programs? Anything you can tell me would be appreciated before I risk spending good money on something that doesn’t work.

    1. Don’t spend ANY money on ANY of them. They simply do not work, unless you’re trying to market a downline building system (often called a powerline – more on that one later) and want to make it LOOK like it’s a screaming success machine.

      1. Here’s how almost all so-called guaranteed signups work. There are more and more companies around the internet that offer to pay their members a fee for performing small, easy tasks for them, such as taking a survey or free trial, etc. (Lots of hungry newbies looking for a way to cash in on the so-called “Internet Goldmine” sign up for these paid-to programs, most of which pay very little in reality and often nothing at all.)

      2. Here is the bottom line. These companies also sell guaranteed signups on a separate site. The tasks that they are “paying” people to do almost always involve signing up for the free introductory offer in some MLM, affiliate program, powerline, etc.  They are usually paid anywhere from a mere fraction of a cent to several pennies for each task they accomplish.

      3. What is worse is that many of the companies that sell guaranteed signups never end up paying the people they are offering these “paid” incentives to.  They have virtually impossibly high minimum pay-outs, meaning that a person would have to sign up for thousands and thousands of sites, or sponsor thousands and thousands of people who are signing up in for freebies.  You are basically taking part in a huge con by buying guaranteed signups!

      4. These so-called signups have no interest, whatsoever, in what you are marketing!! All they want is their one or two cents for doing the task. They will never, ever upgrade, unless, by some amazing miracle, they actually figure out that they’re being scammed and helping the scammers to scam you.  In fact, many of these people come from third world countries or from places where the people live FAR below what is considered the poverty line in the west, and can’t possibly afford to upgrade, even if they wanted to.

      5. If you’re unethical and want to make it look like you’re the sponsoring guru of the program you’re in, then go ahead and buy a block of guaranteed signups, but be aware that eventually, the real, upgraded signups who come in will notice that almost no one is actually upgrading, and if they have upgraded, will quickly notice that no one is actually upgrading under them, either.  Your attrition rate will become ridiculous, and more than likely, your business will ultimately fail, unless you can afford to pump more money into it and start from scratch.

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