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Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing, a better name for social marketing or network marketing?



Relationship marketing (aka network marketing) is a wonderful, fun and profitable way to earn virtually any income you want… but… It will only work when you realize it IS work… (but work that’s so much fun!)and… that marketing is about developing relationships. So relax, have fun, and make friends. The wealth will come with time.

relationship markeingMarketing is all about developing lasting relationships. It doesn’t matter if you call it network marketing, online marketing, internet marketing, social marketing or whatever.  It’s like sitting in your local coffee shop in a comfy chair sipping your favorite brew.  You can sit in a corner in the dark by yourself and never meet a soul, which does nothing for your business, or you can sit out where the action is and meet old friends and make new friends all day long…….

Read more about Relationship Marketing via Dave Cottrell 





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