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How to Make Work at home – Workable!

Many people talk about the “work at home” job being so easy, but whether you are telecommuting or working as an affiliate marketer I have found that it takes focus, creativity and organizing to make it workable

making work from home workable!

For example – I think the best advise I can give anyone has to do with wording and I decided that if I was going to make this work, I needed to create my own brand offline. At one time I used to say to people when they asked me what I did, that I worked at home and of course people would say that’s nice ( with a funny look on their faces). Of course people would ask me to do things for them, from helping them with a task or asking me to take care of a child and I have to be honest I was getting very frustrated. As soon as I changed the wording to I work from home and I have my home office, people started to treat me differently. All of a sudden I was more a professional in their eyes. By branding myself off line, I have been able to brand myself online and that makes a world of difference in doing my job.

Here are some tips and thoughts that I have had on the topic Making “Work from home” work for you

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