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Adlandpro wall post via Branka Babic


“The wind had met a beautiful flower and fell in love with it. And while wind gently pampered it, in return, flower poured most amazing colors and fragrance.
But the wind wanted more than this modest expression of love. and he resolved:
– If I give to flower all my power and strength, it will return to me with even more love.
And wind gusted to flower powerful breath of love. But flower did not withstood, and the stormy winds of passion broke it.
When wind saw that flower is dying, it tried with all his strength to pick it up from the ground and keep it alive, but all his efforts remained fruitless. Then the wind decided to settle down and gusts to flower a gentle breath of his love, but flower already slightly was vanishing before his eyes.

The wind howled :

– I gave you all the strength of my love, and you’re broke! It is obvious that you did not have the power to respond to my love. So, you did not even like it!

But flower would not answer … because it was already dead.

All of you who love, remember that love is not measured by the power and passion, but by the tenderness and caring attitude towards what you love.



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